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La Bottega del Bon Fresco
Via Ser Ventura
Monachi 23/Ar
50125 - Firenze (Italia)
Tel. +39 - 055 68 13 283
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Fresco Workshops

Fresco workshop for experienced artists

The "Bottega del Bonfresco" is organizing a "fresco" workshop for experienced artists; a "fresco" painting will be performed during the workshop on a 10 square meters wall (approx. 107 square feet).
The workshop will be carried out in a unique structure, providing walls made of stone or other materials depending on the artist choice, experience and requirements.
The location will be in the countryside of Tuscany in a zone called "Alto Mugello", a few kilometers away from Florence.
The workshop could be organized in spring, summer or autumn during the months of June, July, August, September and October.
The base workshop will have a duration of one week (or more if required by the participants).
The price of the workshop includes all the expenses: painting materials, food, lodging and transportation.
The maximum number of participants for one workshop session is three in order to maximize the results.
The workshop weeks are organized from Monday to Sunday included, and will take place in the beautiful location where the "fresco" will be performed.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided directly in the same location while dinners will be organized in nearby typical tuscan restaurants offering high quality local products.
Transportation from Florence to the workshop location and return is included in the workshop price.
The weekly all-inclusive per person price will be negotiated during the subscription process.
The required painting materials during the workshop will be provided by the "Bottega del Bonfresco"; an example of the materials that will be provided is as follows:

  • - Colors
  • - Several types of "mortar"
  • - Brushes
  • - sketching paper
  • - Pencils
  • - Transparent sheets
  • - Sprayers, cans, containers etc.
  • - Trowels

The plaster and mortar layers will be prepared directly by the workshop participants in order to understand how to judge the thickness of the several layers starting from the arriccio to the final layer of plaster (ready for the painting).
An interpreter will be available in order to assist the participants with the italian language.
The workshop will be coordinated and taught by the master and owner of the "Bottega del Bonfresco", Massimo Callossi, who will be assisted by other artists.

Affresco L'ultima cena - Santuario di Santa Maria di Lourdes, loc. Le Botteghe, Fucecchio (FI) Affresco L'incoronazione della Vergine - Santa Liberata, Cerreto Guidi (FI)

Three Weeks Fresco Course

The course consists of 12 weekly classes with each lesson lasting 4ยท6 hours each. All materials are provided by the workshop with no extra cost.

Structure of course

  • Visiting renaissance and modern frescoes around Florence.
  • Pastel and watercolor preparation of drawing to be painted.
  • Preparation of drawing for pouncing technique.
  • Mixing of the principal colors to be used in the execution of the fresco.
  • Preparation of the arriccio mortar, plastering of the first layer of mortar.
  • Execution of the sinopia preparatory drawing on the arriccio.
  • Preparation of the intonaco or second layer of mortar and plastering of the intonaco followed by the painting of the fresco.
  • Lesson on the strappo method or removal of a fresco to be taken home.

The Bottega del Bon Fresco organizes personalized courses for beginners and professional artists.

The length of the lesson and the size of the works executed can be agreed on directly with the masters of the bottega.

The bottega also provides the mortar, or sand and lime paste already mixed and ready to use to ensure the correct execution of all frescoes.

For information and reservations:

Via Ser Ventura Monachi, 23/Ar
Phone +39.055.6810853