Bottega del Bon Fresco - Bon Fresco Workshop

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Bottega del Bon Fresco di Massimo Callossi.


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La Bottega del Bon Fresco
Via Ser Ventura
Monachi 23/Ar
50125 - Firenze (Italia)
Tel. +39 - 055 68 13 283
Tel. +39 - 339 61 00 155


La Bottega del Bon Fresco

The Bon Fresco Workshop is directed by Massimo Callossi.

He studied under Annigoni and Stefanelli, contemporary Florentine masters from whom he learned the technique of fresco painting.

The "Bon Fresco workshop" bases all of its instruction on the traditional methods of the great Renaissance masters of fresco painting such as Beato Angelico, Benozzo Gozzoli, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Giorgio Vasari.

The fresco workshop offers basic, personalized courses for beginning students and more specialized instruction for more advanced artists. Beginning with the preparation of the cartoon, or compositional drawing, students learn how to prepare it for painting using the pouncing method, the mixing and use of colors, the making and application of the mortar, and finally, painting on fresco on the wall.

The Bottega del Bon Fresco executes frescoes on commission for public and private spaces, sacred images for churches and is available to restore any type of mural paintings or decorations.

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